Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is WhoHasAccess and why should I use it?

WhoHasAccess is a free online service to easily and quickly check what is shared with whom in Google Drive. It analyzes the share options of all files and folders to discover who can access what. After finding out about the status quo, WhoHasAccess allows users to take action by contacting their collaborators or revoking access that is not required anymore.

Is it safe to use WhoHasAccess?

WhoHasAccess uses open standards like OAuth 2.0, official interfaces like the Google Drive API and SSL for all communication in order to provide the highest level of security. The application and database are hosted on Google Cloud Platform and therefore benefit from their strong platform security. To protect the sensitive scan results of our users, we will delete all collected data and access permissions within 24 hours after a scan completed.

More information about the safety of your personal data can be found in the Privacy Policy.

Why does WhoHasAccess requests manage access to my Google Drive?

Full Google Drive API access (incl. manage) is required to allow you to revoke other users directly from your WhoHasAccess scan report. In reality, the service will only read and write metadata, like file names, share settings, folder hierarchy, etc. WhoHasAccess is never going to read your files’ content or alter them at any time. Promised.

What is the difference between the file access levels, e.g. being a file’s owner or manager?

Google Drive offers a variety of roles when it comes to sharing content:

What do the file counts and filters in my scan report mean?

Based on the roles described above, your WhoHasAccess scan report provides a couple of filters to quickly access important views:

The scan report will show a count next to each filter. The number behind “Show all files and folders” does not necessarily need to be the total number of files and folders in your Google Drive account. This is because WhoHasAccess skips items that have the same share settings as their parent folder, in order to provide an optimized overview of the relevant files and folders.

Can I export my scan data?

Yes, you can download a list of people with access to your Google Drive as CSV file on the scan report page. The export includes names, email addresses and file counts.

Is there a mobile app / can I use WhoHasAccess on the go?

The website has been optimized for varying screen sizes and touch devices. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Can you also scan my Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, ...?

WhoHasAccess currently works only with Google Drive. Logically the next step would be to offer the same service for other cloud collaboration services as well. We would love to do so if the donations allow us to finance the development.

WhoHasAccess is free to use, how is this possible?

The original service was built as a side project of the team behind Hojoki and CatchApp, but has since been spun off to live on its own. Nowadays WhoHasAccess is mainly financed by donations of satisfied users on the one hand and a small number of enterprise customers with dedicated instances on the other. The data of our users is not and will never be monetized in any way. Ever.

I love this service, how can I help?

If you have used WhoHasAccess and are satisfied with what you saw, this means a great deal to us! Even though this is absolutely not required, you can always give back by donating or sharing the word:

Also feel free to follow our social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ for occasional updates.

I have a question, how can I reach you?

Always feel free to contact us at In case there is an issue with your scan, make sure you’ve checked the Troubleshooting section below.


Why is my scan taking so long?

The duration of your scan depends on the number of files and folders in your Google Drive account. While it is often finished within a few minutes, scan durations of several hours aren’t rare either. As all the communication in this phase is between the WhoHasAccess server and the Google Drive API, you can safely close your browser tab and continue with other things. We will notify you via email as soon as your scan is completed.

My scan doesn’t finish, what can I do?

If you’re using G Suite, please make sure that third-party access is enabled in your domain. Other than that, there are rare cases where scans are not able to finish. Most of the times this comes down to very large Google Drive accounts or temporary issues with the Google Drive API. Please contact us if you need assistance.

I’m getting an error when revoking someone’s access, why is this?

This usually happens if you don’t have the proper permissions to revoke a user from all files listed. Please try to reload the page. If this doesn’t help, delete your scan and start a new one or contact us.

How can I revoke a user from only some of the files he has access to?

There is currently no way to revoke a user from only some of his files. However, clicking on the file name in WhoHasAccess will lead you right to the file’s share settings in Google Drive itself, where you can easily revoke the user.

I cannot open my scan report anymore, where did it go?

If your scan report doesn’t show up anymore, this usually means that the 24 hours have expired. Please start a new scan.